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Required Townhome Insurance

Homeowners are required to maintain a HO6 policy, commonly referred to as a “condo” policy. This is adequate insurance even though we are not a condo association. The master insurance policy that the HOA maintains covers the exterior and roof of each building. 

Below is a video from our January 8, 2024, board meeting, where a representative from the company that oversees our master insurance policy shared more about our coverage, the type of policy you need to have, and the latest on the state of insurance in Florida.

Owners have secured policies with the following companies:

•American Integrity
•American Platinum
•American Traditions Insurance Company/ATIC
•Castle Key
•Florida Peninsula
•Geico/issued by Homesite Insurance Company
•Heritage Insurance
•Liberty Mutual
•People’s Trust
•Safe Point
•Security First
•Southern Oak
•St Johns
•Tower Hill Insurance
•Universal Property