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Approved AC Companies

No one is allowed on the roof without Board or property manager approval. Only those who work for an approved company may go on the roof. This is to protect the roof warranty. For a company to be approved, the HOA must have the latest copy of the license and insurance. Once on the approved list, the unit’s owner or a representative from the approved company must email HOA@grovehomeowners.com and include the day and approximate time access to the roof is anticipated. No access is allowed if the information below is expired or not listed.

For a company to be listed, the Board or property manager needs a copy of its license and insurance.

Note for approved companies

Many of our buildings have TPO roofs, which means workers need to be very careful not to step on items that may penetrate the material. Please also lay cardboard and drop cloths on the roof and around the unit when working to help reduce the chance of accidental damage. Also, do not drag units on the roof if one needs to be replaced. A crane must be used to lift a new unit to the roof and take the old one down.  

No one is allowed to smoke on the roof. If workers are caught smoking while on the roof, your company will not be allowed to carry out any work on the property. 

If you see any issues prior to carrying out the work, please let us know immediately, so it can be documented.  We recommend taking pictures before and after the work is carried out.

Failure to comply may lead to legal action against the unit owner and AC company.